We want to be among the best emergency medical companies in the world.

What does that mean? The world's best sprinter runs a hundred metres faster than anyone else, the world's best violinist plays Sibelius so that everyone in the audience is gasping for breath, the world's best dad loves his children, even when they won't act nicely...

The "World's Best" is, thus, of top quality, when quality is something that can stand comparison with anyone. The world's best does not just deliver top quality just now and then, but every day, every single time – or, at least, try their utmost to do it.

The world's best's processes and practices demand operational excellence. The world's best business culture has its sights constantly set on excellent performance - "something like that" is not good enough. At the same time, we must keep in mind that a quest for perfection may lead to the opposite – therefore, we always seek the optimum performance.



Why do Finland's best emergency medical personnel enjoy working at 9Lives?

9Lives wants to be among the world's best emergency medical companies, but also Finland's best employer in the field of emergency medical services. It's easy to say, but to achieve that goal, we must work hard every day.

We want the staff at 9Lives to enjoy their work and have the best possible conditions to perform their important work for the people. Only by doing this can we achieve peak performance and produce a consistent high quality. For us, 9Lives is a great place to work.

Our motto is "Ammattina ihminen". It can´t be strictly translated with its connotations, but it means that we have a human being as our profession. And that's exactly what emergency medical services are always about. EMS as a profession is not easy, it is not always simple and cheerful, but it is a valuable mission towards the well-being of people and, at the end of the day, saving lives.




Contact us!

Our service number 24h: +358-20-700-8000
(when calling from abroad)
info@9lives.fi (Ambulance)
koronainfo@9lives.fi (Covid19 testing)

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